Thursday, October 14, 2010

The power of the blog...

I became addicted to reading blogs when I found out about my friend's blog. We barely knew about each others lives after high school.  So I found it very fun to read her blog about her everyday life. Honestly I had forgotten how funny she is and the adventures of her 4 kids makes so happy.

  Well Farmwife was my first but I did not stop there.  I went on to find blogs about large families (because I am obsessed with the Duggars), and the links to other blogs are endless. I have been reading about pre-mature babies and the many issues they have (luckily for me I have no first hand knowledge). 

 But, most recently I stumbled onto a blog about a child with EB. First of all this disease is haneous, horrid and just plain mean.  EB is a disease that when someone has it their skin will not adhere to their body it has to do with collegen I will try to attach a link.

 Anyway, on to the power of the blog I was reading this blog from a father whose daughter has this disease.  His words and love are just amazing.  I was on my break at work and checking blogs and found out that after about a year life and 100 days after a bone marrow transplant, Bella lost her life.  I was devastated.  I cried and cried and could not stop.  Bad news because I was still at my desk at work. 

 My boss asked me what was wrong and I told her one the children I had been following had died.  She was suprised. I think because I was so invested in the lives of these people I had never met and probably will never meet. Her advise to me was to get it together. Ok I said and I tried and I did for the most part. But I was left with the feeling of awe at this new media I have come across. How is that we can be so invested in other's lives and have never known them?

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  1. Welcome, Miss Intheboro. :) I cannot wait to read of your further adventures and those of the E-Man.

    And I fully understand getting involved in the lives of 'strangers' on the Interwebs. The world is getting smaller day by day.